Rod Moag: The Pickin'-Singin' Professor

Texas a la Moag - Picture Of Rod Moag with lots of guitars and mandolins
L-R: Marsha Correira, Art Horan, Jerry Rabun, Rod Moag and Jim Shaffer

Geezer Grass

Geezer Grass consists of Marsha Correira – Ashbory bass and vocals, Art Horan – banjo & vocals, Jerry Rabun – guitar & vocals, me – mandolin & vocals and sometimes second fiddle, and Jim Shaffer – fiddle and vocals (see photo above).

All of the Geezers are retired professionals, most with a lifelong involvement in music as an avocation.

  • Marsha founded a bluegrass club while a student at the University of Texas.
  • At age twelve, Jerry became the designated driver for his dad and other bandmates for their dance gigs in West Texas. Geezer Grass is the first formal band in which he's been a member. He hosts regular jam sessions at his home and says he always learns something from the participants.
  • While a programmer for IBM, Jim Shaffer took up the instrument at age 40 and has become a well-known fiddler in Austin bluegrass circles, now playing with the Piney Grove Ramblers.
  • Art was a high school teacher and for many years a member of The Blackland Prairie Boys.
  • My musical history is available in my bio on this site. I am the senior Geezer, only in terms of age.
  • Jerry Rabun is leader and the rest of us try to treat him deferentially when we can remember that he's our leader ­ we're geezers after all.
  • The group entertains at other assisted living centers and nursing homes in Austin and surrounding towns from time to time.


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